The MELKONIAN group considers sustainable development to be at the core of its strategy and culture and has created an approach of sustainable development and continuous improvement in its organisation, with which all the employees, partners, customers and suppliers of the company are associated, to encourage them to contribute towards their own environment.


The Melkonian Group and all its partners participate in protecting international law governing Human Rights in their spheres of influence and ensure that their own companies are not involved in any violations of Human Rights, as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


The Melkonian Group and all its partners are formally committed to not using forced labour and, on the contrary, to offering their employees a pleasant working environment that allows them to reach professional fulfilment, promoting team complicity and boosting personal initiatives. The definition of forced labour used is that of ILO (International Labour Organisation) conventions 29 and 105 and includes, in particular, work performed under threat or following coercive measures exerted on political prisoners, conscription of workers for the purpose of economic development, compulsory labour as a measure for work discipline, punishment for participation in strikes or as a measure for racial, social,national or religious discrimination.


The Melkonian Group and all its partners are committed to not employing, under any circumstances,any person that does not have the minimum age required to work according to national legislation or ILO Conventions 138 and 182, it being understood that the oldest age of the two shall be used for this purpose.


The Melkonian Group guarantees equal access to work or career development, regardless of race,colour, religion, sex, age, political opinion, nationality, social class and sexual preference. It offers equal salaries for identical work performed in similar working conditions. It promotes access of disabled persons to employment..


The Melkonian Group demands that all its workers, partners, sub-contractors and suppliers show the greatest respect for the planet and our environment, assuming responsibility for every gesture and promoting environmentally friendly technology. A specific example: the recycling of used machines and components is a valuable contribution to this charter in that it minimises waste and markets equipment that complies with the most recent technological standards. The Melkonian Group is proud to promote the use and supply of recycled and recyclable products with a view to ensuring full respect for the environment. Our purchases department selects its suppliers according to their own charters and commitment to sustainable development and encourages them to respect the planet in every way possible.

They give priority to suppliers that use recycled and recyclable supplies.