Customer satisfaction

It is our ambition to design competitive products of the highest quality using the latest technology that is respectful with our environment and contributes to improve the wellbeing of the inhabitants of our planet.


As a guarantee of the growth of the group, of its permanence and therefore of its capacity to fulfil its commitments to its stakeholders, customer satisfaction mobilises all our energy and competence and is the source of all our motivation.


All our workers are aware of the importance of full customer satisfaction and are spurred on by their concern for the customer. They display their professional conscience, competence and rigour, but also their respect for all the commitments the company has made towards the customer. They take into consideration the culture and expectations of our customers, in order to respect their habits.


They participate in training our customers in the new technologies implemented in our market.

Emloyee satisfaction

The value of our company rests essentially on the quality of our teams, their sense of values, their desire to do the right thing, their motivation.


The wellbeing of all our workers is at the core of our strategy and we make an effort to welcome into our team men and women from different cultures, with different life choices, different personalities and religions, in order to ensure that our teams reproduce the complexity of the world in which we work and to set the example of a united, closeknit team, all differences aside, with full respect for the individual.


Our teams are formed without any discrimination as regards race, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual preference, political opinion or social class.


It is our desire for our management increasingly to reflect this desire of interculturality and diversity. We organise annual gatherings with all our teams and their families in a friendly atmosphere of celebration and sharing, to ensure that the family spirit of our company overcomes the barriers of internationality and the families of all our workers feel involved in their spouse’s commitment to our group.


A company must assume responsibility for all its major and minor actions and set an example in the performance of its business and its strategy at every level.


We are aware of our role as citizens and of our responsibilities.


Honesty, respect and loyalty govern our strategy in every situation. The quality of our products, the guarantee of our services and the competitiveness of our prices are also the result of our commitment to honesty and our respect towards our customers.


We respect all our commitments with every citizen, worker, partner and customer. The professional conscience of our teams is also a result of our commitment to honesty and integrity towards every person.


We promote harmony and team spirit within our teams and scrupulously look out for the personal development of all our workers within our group, in the tasks and responsibilities entrusted to them individually and as part of a group.


Our Group is committed to creating, developing and maintaining trusting, lasting and reliable partnerships with all its workers, partners, customers, suppliers and sub-contractors.


This partnership is based mainly on listening, dialogue, responsible commitment, reliability and respect.


Our Group is committed to fairly distributing its donations among humanitarian associations, while promoting the defence of mistreated children around the world or supporting sick children