Company Profile (02:14)
Full presentation of our activities

OEM Spare parts and Components from our stock (01:10)
Genuine spare parts and components (complete OEM manufacturer Programme)

Remanufactured Equipment Advantages (00:33)
Strengths of Aramine remanufacturing process (using only genuine spare parts,…)

Remanufacturing Process ‘Step by step’ (01:02)
Different steps of our remanufacturing process using only genuine spare parts

Narrow vein mining : Aramine miniDriller® in action (00:40)
Various assets of the miniDriller®.

Narrow vein mining : Aramine miniLoader® L150D (00:22)
miniLoader® L150D design.

Aramine Scaling Bars (00:34)
Our Scaling Bars range characteristics.