We can recondition all your equipment.
Consult us for each specific case

Due to its reconditioning expertise, Aramine is capable of supplying second-hand equipment fully reconditioned according to very strict criteria of quality and follow-up.
With our experience, these machines are generally improved or readapted according to the needs of our customers.


Solutions fitting to your needs :

  • Supply of remanufactured equipment
  • Remanufacture of your own equipment
  • Standard exchange of your equipment


Our remanufactured process is :

  • Performed according to original manufacturer specifications (Including latest engineering design and ensuring latest performance upgrades)
  • Using Exclusive Genuine Spare Parts
  • Complying ISO 9000
  • Tested and controlled on our test track in order to ensure the same performance as manufacturer specifications (tractive efforts, speed, motion times, cycles, capacity, hydraulic pressure, …)
  • Full 12 month warranty
  • A real standard of quality ensuring regularity