377Total Hours

Machine available

Condition : fully operational and ready to operate, excellent operating condition

Manufacturing year : 2012

Operating Engine Hours : 377 h since new

Operating Drilling Hours : 835 h since new

Drifter : COP 1838 MUX

Feed : Set up for 6 ft steel

Cabin : Open ROPS

Voltage : 380 Volt / 50 Hz

Manual Fire Suppression system – No Certification

Drill stop protection system

Production drilling rig SIMBA S7D

For drilling fan holes in 360°, parallel holes drilling upwards/downwards 5m parallel positioning, drilled diameter 51-89mm




Carrier: 4 wheel drive, Deutz 914 L04, Tier 3/ Stage IIA 58kW

Hydraulic rock drill: COP 1838MUX (with extractor), 226kg, 18kW

drilled diam 64-76 (102)mm, T38, T38 speedrods, TDS 56 guide tube

Feed BMHP 6806 total lenght with extractor 3960mm, drill rod lenght 1 830mm,

Drilling unit RHS10 for mechanized drilling, 10 + 1 rod, = max hole depth with rods 1,83m = 20m

Positioning system:

Feed extension 900mm, boom extension 1250mm

Stinger front and rear

Boom BUT 32PD

Angle reading instrument ARI S7, Rig alignment laser RAL

Drilling system DCS II: direct control system with low pilot

pressure ( 25bar) at operators panel, rock drill lubrication warning kit, percussion hour meter

semi-automatic drilling, anti-jamming system

Hydraulic system: pressure max.230 bar

Air system: hydraulic driven compressor LE7, 12L/s at 7bar

hole blowing kit with external air

Water system: hydraulic driven. water pump 60L at 12bar

Electrical system: voltage 380V/50Hz, total installed power 80kW

1 x main el. motor 75kW, el. Cable reel,

Protective roof: FOPS approved




Height tramming – roof up/down      2800 / 2100mm

Width                                                 2000 mm

Length ( with BMHP 6806)                9437 mm

Gross weight                                      cca 11,8t




Cable Buflex               80 m

Fire suppression system ANSUL manual release

Switch gear with el. Socket

Automatic lub. for positioning/drilling unit

Central lub. for  positioning/drilling unit

Thread lubrication kit

Manual rig lubrication kit