1 to 2tCapacité
Low noiseConfort
0% O2Emission
4h in constant useDurée de vie
0,6 to 0,8m3Bucket

L140B miniLoader®

Each machine has two robust battery packs, in waterproof stainless steel boxes, with charging cooler and integrated charger.

Unlimited operation of the machine by changing battery modules, thanks to an exclusive patented system.

The rechargeable battery power offers a purer and safer working environment.

The chassis and articulations are designed for the toughest application, in order to allow a high availability with a longer life time.

The operator’s compartment is side seated to comply perfectly with the underground requirements, with smooth and ergonomically located joysticks to offer comfort and safety to the operator and maintenance personnel.

The miniLoader L140B, is available with fix frame, or with optional QRS system which allow an unlimited operation of the machine by replacing the battery pack.



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Technical Information

The L140B, especially thought for narrow vein mines, is designed with the best components from a recognized brand. The machine doesn’t need maintenance; without hydrostatics, with a simplified electrical transmission and low heating, it has a longer lifetime.