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Governance & Ambition

«  ARAMINE has been designing innovative mining solutions for over 49 years with a triple ambition :

Ensure a constant improvement of the productivity of all our customers while ensuring the safety of women and men using our products and solutions in full respect of the environment and every part of our planet.

Exemplarity, Integrity, Solidarity, Transparency, Performance, Quality, Service, Respect of others in all their differences : These are the values which inspire our teams around the world and affirm the legitimacy and positioning of our family business on the international scene.

Our customers are our raison d’être and we are proud to serve them faithfully for 49 years.

Certified ISO 9001, strongly committed to CSR & QSE, our company is a member of the Global Compact of the United Nations.

You will discover on this website who we really are : A modern company where all the differences come together to enrich each other and build a model of multicultural success that are the foundations for sustainable growth in a world in perpetual changes.

Thank you for your attention. “

The history of our group continues…