1050 mmWidth
4,5 to 12m2Face coverage
6,25m2Gallery size
Electric DrillingComfort

DM901HDE miniDriller®

The DM901 HDE is a Front face drilling rig, driven by a Diesel engine and drilling by an Electric powerpack with a cable reel.
Designed to match perfectly the Aramine miniLoader range, the DM901 miniDrill uses many common components from the hydraulic components to the tire size, but also the same overall dimensions with the unique width of 1,05 m.

Compact and easy to maneuver, the Boom allows drilling in 1,7 m wide up to 3 m wide galleries, which makes the DM901 miniDrill the only machine in the market able to mechanize small sections as 4m2. The HDE version is tted for Horizontal Face drilling, but the DM901 is also available in Vertical Long Hole drilling. Like all Aramine Equipment, the DM901 is tough and simple machine designed for underground environment, and especially for the very narrow vein mines.

The carrier is a strong welded frame with 4 wheel drive and central articulation. The rear axle is oscillating, and the center of gravity is low for better stability.

Technical Information