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The battery-powered miniLoader®, L140B, has a new option which totally changes the way you can use a battery machine underground.

The standard machine offers 4 hours autonomy, which allows mucking 3 to 4 faces in one shift with an extremely simple charging system as the charger is integrated to the machine and a simple plug to the wall is required.

The new optional QRS features a quick disconnect battery module without increasing the length of the machine. It allows running the machine full time without immobilization during charging time. The system is ultra fast and smart with a W type aligning system and an auto locking device.

The lever with lock ensures an optimal safety of the battery pack.

Our R&D department has worked hard to reorganize the components inside the machine and select an extremely reliable and safe connecting system with a maximum of power in order to keep the force of the miniLoader®.

The R&D department has also run a lot of tests to find a good angle of adherence in the W type system and find a faultless self-aligning mechanism.

The mine will require a battery change are with a crane to proceed at the battery replacement safely and easily.

The battery change is stress-free, do not require a lot of equipment and can be done fastly. Indeed, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes and allows an unlimited operation of the machine.

With the QRS machine, the operator can have only one machine in operation in the mine whereas, with the fix frame version of the miniLoader®, the customer requires to have two machines to be productive full time. (One charging while the other is working)

All operating miniLoader®, L140B, with fix frame, can be converted with this new QRS system thanks to an aftermarket kit.

Aramine will have the pleasure to launch this battery powered miniLoader® L140B equipped with optional QRS at BAUMA from April 8th to April 14th, Booth C2.126.

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