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Why and how to set up an international distribution network

In an increasingly globalised and transforming world, companies looking to expand their presence in world markets often see an international distribution network as a key asset. This distribution strategy can have many benefits for companies, whether they operate in manufacturing, retail, services, or other sectors. But how can this development be achieved successfully, while maintaining […]

How the mining sector is moving towards sustainability

Mining has environmental, social and economic impacts that manufacturer can no longer ignore. Business as usual must evolve towards economics model respecting environment and stakeholders. What are the main impacts of the sectors ? How to answer it ? The article aims to outline some tracks to create sustainable mining practices and how Aramine solutions […]

Powering the Future of Mining: Exploring the Advantages of Battery-Powered Machines

The benefits of battery-powered underground mining equipment (BEV)

Reducing the environmental impact of the mining industry has become the main challenge for the next decades. While the narrow vein mining method reduces the waste with smaller galleries, electrifying the mine is the next step toward more sustainable mining. Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) offer several advantages that place them as the best alternative to […]

Underground Mine Closure & Reclamation

When an underground mine closes, the process of reclamation and restoration begins. This process aims to return the land to its natural state and to prevent any potential HSSE-SR health, safety, security, environment, and social responsibility impact in accordance with international standards. This involves assessing, auditing, and monitoring ecological and social risks. The process of mine […]

Working underneath the surface: an overview of working conditions for underground miners

Underground working conditions - Aramine - Mining

Underground mining is a challenging and dangerous profession that requires a high level of skill, experience, and physical fitness. The working conditions for underground miners are harsh and unforgiving, which brings the mining companies and their partners to measure and anticipate every potential risk. This article reveals the different aspects of working underground, from the […]

The Benefits of Choosing Remanufactured: a Second Life for a Mining Equipment

The advantages of getting remanufactured mining machine - Aramine

When it comes to purchasing mining equipment, mining companies only have a few options. One of them is to purchase brand new equipment directly from the manufacturer. However, another option that is becoming increasingly popular is to purchase remanufactured mining equipment. In this article, we will present the benefits of opting for a remanufactured mining […]

Digging deeper into Narrow Vein Mining

Narrow Vein mining method - Aramine equipment

Aramine is the expert in Narrow Vein Mining, the most sustainable extraction method.
This article delves into the intricacies of narrow vein mining, examining its advantages, challenges, and opportunities.

Mining and Metals Central Asia 2019

Mining and Metals Central Asia, The largest mining exhibition in Central Asia This is the largest and most respected exhibition in Kazakhstan and Central Asia of mining and metallurgic complex combining leading manufacturers and specialists and providing a full complex of technologies and services for mining and processing complex. Over the years, the exhibition has […]

Marrakech Mining Convention 2019

Marrakech Mining Convention, An exhibition inaugurated this year, whose goal is to create a global platform bringing together ministries of mines, geological research authorities and surveys, international mining and quarrying companies, suppliers services and technologies, mining think tanks and consulting firms to discuss and explore international opportunities. The inaugural event is attended by representatives from […]